Momdjian Residence

Momdjian Residence, Los Angeles, California. Situated on a hillside site overlooking the San Fernando Valley, the addition, renovation and terrace were designed to maximize views toward the Valley while also providing privacy from the street and adjacent houses.

The addition, which accommodates a new master bedroom suite above a media and game room, also serves to shelter the pool and helps to define the eastern edge of the property.

At the street-side, stone was added to help connect the building to the ground and the new entry court.

From the entry court, new planters and stone steps help to define the front entrance.

The interior of the house is highlighted by a skylit interior atrium.

Custom-built cherry cabinetry was used throughout the house to unify the spaces and provide ample storage space.

In the master bathroom, cherry cabinets were also utilized, and a floating design provides for a more contemporary, spacious interior.

Interior design was accomplished by utilizing the owner's existing furnishings and augmenting them with carefully selected new pieces.