McCabe Residence

McCabe Residence, Culver City, California. This existing home on a tight triangular lot was enhanced by the addition of three discrete additions to create a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for an independent producer and a sound engineer, both with offices in the house.

In addition to a complete renovation and reworking of the floor plan, interior spaces were volumetrically expanded into existing attic space.

Spaces were enhanced and further defined by ceiling elements such as skylights, dropped ceilings, and soffits.

The kitchen was expanded and replanned for efficiency, as well as a gathering place for residents and guests, while the master bathroom was newly created in what had previously been the garage.

Interior spaces were visually and physically connected to a series of newly created exterior rooms through the use of large glass doors and oversize windows. In this way, the living space of the house was functionally expanded to encompass the entire lot.